New Dynasty

4 High Street
St Aubin's
Although Jersey is primarly a renowned International Offshore Financial centre, it was originally a place that people visited due to its fasinating history and slow relaxing pace of life. So if you are locals, on business or leisure, fine wine and good food can never go wrong. Anyone can try cooking chinese food from recipe books but whether one has the obility to obtain a wok fragrance and the technique of deep or stir-frying that makes food look chinese, smell Chinese and taste Chinese is another matter. Selecting dishes that compliment each other yet provide contrast in texture, flavour and colour is extremly important. We shall be very pleased to assist you by advising and recommending suitable dishes for you to enjoy. We strongly belive in dish presentation and serving top quaility gourmet food to all our valued customers.

Menu & Contact

Tel: 01534 887299 or 01534 887020 
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday
Dinner: 5pm - 11:15pm